A last time and a first time

19 10 2012

Yesterday I went to the company to pick up a few things left there: the time was perfect for taking a last reflection snapshot:

last day

Chinese sky can be stunning from time to time, especially in the places where you can easily see it.

Then in the night I went to eat in the center with 潘蕾: walking to the shopping center with the restaurant we wanted, just behind us there was a small group of university students. All boys. Seeing I was foreigner first they said something in Chinese that sounded just funny to me. I did not react of course, but later 潘蕾 told it was actually a vulgar sentence. Right after that, instead of the common “hello” I heard so many times, but with the same soft voice they said, loud enough that I could hear, a good old “f**k you“, direct to me.

I did not react as well, kept on walking and softly talking with 潘蕾 but in reality I laughed: first time I have been straight out insulted since I arrived in China!! Not so uncommon especially when a laowai walks around hands in hands with a Chinese girl, as we were doing..

Still, I thought it was funny. Probably if I was alone or with another laowai friend I would have turned and ask if they could repeat since I had not understood.. maybe just to see how far they felt like going..

..and it would have been a good chance to do some Aikido.. missing practice, yeah!! 😉




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