End of year 1Q84

19 10 2012

Not the first time I hang on the last words of a book for much longer than possible. Just two pages before the ends, that lasted so long. I postponed the moment of reaching the last line, the last word, because it was so good, it was another master piece of Haruki Murakami.

I took it with me at my second interview, this time in Yangzhou, and I got a lot of time for reading, both there and on the train. Still I stop before the last words, I wanted to be in a more familiar and relaxing environment the moment I reached the last page.


The packing at home is almost ready as well. I still haven’t taken a definitive decision, some more things must be finished here, but anyway for the end of next week I will have a step out of the door, and more probably..

Today felt like a good day for closing the book. At least it won’t take space and weight in the packages of my stuff! God, as usual, I collected so much stuff in 2.5 years! Always difficult for me to throw away things!

1Q84.. the end..

The book will pass to a friend and maybe more later. A book must keep on being read, this book deserves just more eyes upon!

1Q84 has been a good travel companion! I’m sure it will be also for someone else!



One response

30 10 2012
David S. Wills

1Q84 is a brilliant book. I absolutely loved it.

I hope you have a great time in Shenzhen. It’s a more international city than Hefei so I’m sure you will at least be able to get some better food!


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