Live music in Biella!

23 10 2012

During my visit home I had the great chance to meet some old friends and make new ones, at a live concert gratis evening in Viale Matteotti in Biella. The bad weather and a little glitch in the organization postponed the beginning of the concert so that one of the 4 planned bands actually left, but then the three left put on a very nice show!

The main reason I went there was for the band now called OverDue, but that I originally knew as OverDrive when one of my best friends, Silvio, used to play bass guitar with them. Those years I used to often go to their rehearsal and concerts in Biella and surroundings.

I realize now I got no digital image from those times, and I have equally realized that from the concert evening I had so few pictures, since I spend most of the night enjoying chatting with old friends that I had not seen in ages!!

On the other hand, this time I took videos, that I managed to upload on youtube!!!



From my OverDue playlist on Youtube:

When I met these guys at the very beginning, this Ligabue’s cover was one of the songs they used to play most often! When they started playing it I felt like thrown back several years.. great time!

Minerva live


From my Minerva playlist on Youtube:



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