Violent China

28 10 2012

Last night I assisted at an inline hockey match between China and Taipei for the 15th Asia Roller Skating Championship.

The Chinese team played with muscle, extremely little technique (except maybe 1-2 players), trying all the time to move the match to a fight to get the opponent team nervous. Chinese players got several 2 minutes punishment, Taiwanese none.

The match was very balanced, 5-5 for a long time until the equilibrium was broken by the several 2-minutes man-less situation Chinese put themselves in letting then the Taipei team to get quite easily to 9-5 with 2 minutes to go.

Go Taiwan!!!!

Then in a common side contrast one of the worst players for China, 7-77-99-96, numers of player that just fought, hit, kick and used the stick illegally, one of those idiots attacked a Taiwanese and then it started a typical hockey fight, that probably becuase of several not-sport reasons, degenerate in a bad fight. I assisted to 2 Chinese crazy “players” kicking a Taiwnese on the floor, hitting him on the face and trying to strangle him with the stick until several other people noticed (even Chiense police) and then intervened to stop them, while of course the violent fight was going on in other places..

Not the first time I see fights in hockey, but as usual when I see Chinese fights I am shocked by how violent these people (the Chinese, not the Taiwanese) are! They have so much anger in themselves, and I think I know why, but this is not a political blog ( 😉 ).

Then being in a hall full only of Chinese young students there for cheering any Chinese team and support the Chinese flag no matter what, since I was the only one buuu-ing the Chinese team, I got a few remarks, many bad eye, but I don’t think I was ever in danger (even if if I was sitting close to the field I would have probably tried to kick some Chinese asses). I also do not think the majority of Chinese student really realized anythiong about the sport (I’d say the same as the Chinese “players”, there only for fight apparently!), with the exception of one guy that then shared his thougths with me and they were surprisingly the same!

After that match, gloriously won by Taiwan, with the Chinese that lost face in many ways, we assisted to a completely different match between Iran and India. Iran scored 8-0 in the first 10 minutes, playing very softly and not pushing for humiliate the opponent. India, clearly inferior, tried to play, never putting the match on a fight level, even being so much inferior. Maybe because of the previous violent fight, but these two teams showed a very nice page of sport, with also a group picture at the end. Maybe given the huge level difference there was no reason to fight, but I am pretty sure that of ot was China under 8-0, some of the previous mentioned idiots would have found a way to turn the match into a fight. This time though, I would have loved to see the Chinese trying to fight Iranian or Indian big strong guys… Yeah, it would have been lovely!!!

Iran destroyed India

The sad thing is this is no exception: on the Chinese youtube pages (one is called Youku) it is possible to see several sport events turning in extremely violent fights.

At least in Aikido, the Chinese I met come with a more peaceful mind.. There is a hope!!! 😉



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