Zone limited SIM card

31 10 2012

The funny thing I have just discovered is that a normal Chinese SIM card is limited ot the province where you buy it: my number, bought and belonging to Hefei, I cannot keep it once I move to Shenzhen, without paying roaming fees!

Provinces are like countries over here.

In fact the only way to keep the number when moving to another province would be to have a special contract for which the telephone can also be used abroad.. not only in another province. In this case, abroad there would be the usual roaming fee, but the rates in different provinces are probably the same.

In a way it does make sense: locals consider China a continent and the provinces are states for them, since most of them spend a full life without moving form their own place. Going form one province to another or to places like Shanghai or Beijing is, for the old generation, a once in a life time trip.

Funny when it happens by plane. Then you can really experience something funny (and a little irritating).. as children going for the first time to a school trip, but usually they are middle age and older people, all wearing the same red hat and taking picture of anything possible in the airport.. 🙂

Anyway I got a new number, not as nice and easy as the one I have here, and I will maybe try to keep a little longer.. 🙂



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