Street performers in Futian

5 11 2012

I spent my first Sunday in the south by walking around in Futian district, 福田区, Shenzhen center.

Wandering around I ended up in a park close to Yitian subway stop, at the end/beginning of the line that connects to my present home, Longgang.

There was a group of middle age men, all wearing a red t-shirt that started, in a small square inside the park, to perform with the diabolo and other juggling instrument, including also using a whip or two at the same time and making movements very similar to Taiji movements.

After what looked like a warming up the set up for the real show, and the result was really cool, given also the special part with the tiaiji/kungfu sword exercise!

Really beautiful!!


i can’t even upload on flickr these days.. In the south internet is even worse (more controlled ) than in Hefei, and I have experienced lots of weird behavior in ways not encountered before.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Also in the south my bad luck is following me very close, as usual. So then, walking around and enjoying the landscape I did not see that the pavement was broken and I twisted again my right ankle. It happened 20 meters after I passed a Starbucks, so I decided to go back there, get an ice macchiato and.. let my ankle enjoying it as well:

other use of starbucks




One response

6 11 2012
Yoko Ono Menuchi

Make sure your DNS requests are tunneled through the VPN as well. If you do not know how to accomplish this it at least change your DNS Server to one in the states (and one which is not blocked). Even if you use a VPN but you query local DNS servers it can impact your traffic including being unable to access sites.

So for example, you use a VPN but ask a local DNS server where “” is, this query might automatically cause a restriction to be activated on your connection and/or it might not return an address or give a wrong address so you cannot access the site.

Good luck at your new location.

P.S. lately I discovered Bruno Gonzalez and I really, really like his flowing Aikido, based on using the bokken and jo. Could you recommend others like him? It seems to be both fluid, effective and focused on the center. Lovely stuff. It’s like a softer more flowing Tissier.


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