New glasses!

11 11 2012

Got a chance to visit a special place for glasses and at the amazing price of 80 RMB I got a spare pair, to use also in the free time, since this time I decided for picking a modern frame:

new glasses modern that it was probably used only for show and had a small scratch: the seller gave it to me for free and I paid only the lenses!

80 RMB for my far sight corrected lenses made in 20 minutes more or less, while we were waiting. One comes to wonder how come in Europe a pair of glasses costs about 10 times more and it takes usually 1 week to be delivered. Someone might say this is Chinese quality: my last pair of Chinese glasses (bought in Beijing in 2008) are still more or less ok, even after I sat on them once, and got repaired very fast as well!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – If you wonder, even if the picture can be a little deceiving, the glasses have lenses, I am not that cool yet 😉



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