Aikido in Shenzhen

13 11 2012

Work time over and I’ll go at once to the subway for my first trip to Aikido class in Shenzhen tonight!

30 minutes walking, some time more than 1 hour by subway (not sure how much more, because I never went to that place before!) and then I should be at the dojo, little late for beginning but they told me it is ok!

It is an Aikikai dojo with a 4th dan teacher from Hong Kong.

Hopefully a good (re)start for old rusty aikidude!! 😉

If it goes well, the club has sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays there, and on Sundays in another dojo diametrically opposite form my location (for this I already know it is mroe than 1.5 hours by subway)..

What people do for Aikido!!!

We are dependent, yeah, but at least it is a legal drug!

I admit I am a litlte nervous.. condition not so good, but I know there is a solid chance to restart practicing often, even if the length of the trip just for practice might be an extra challenge, both mentally and physically. This combined as well with a new more demanding job..

More comments later! 🙂



One response

16 11 2020

May you tell me where these dojos are and how to contact them, please? Thanks a lot!


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