Shitty day

15 11 2012

Yesterday night I wanted to write about my first Aikido practice in Shenzhen, but then the day turned to brown, shitty splashed, and I went to bed right after finishing washing clothes, trying to avoid almost anything related to computer or similar.

shitty day

such a shitty day

After ages, since suddenly my laptop decided to not see anymore the iPhone 3Gs (and iTunes installation did not work) I connected the little gadget to my office pc, ran iTunes that before asking for anything else jumped into a software update that I mistakenly accepted.. forgetting to try to backup the system before doing it!!

And of course, things went bad, as I found several feedback on the net: the iPhone stuck during the installation to the point to ask me a completely reset to factory settings in order to proceed.

That means losing all data, pictures, settings of the little shitty tool!!!

Then I spent lunch break and a little more looking for net solutions, finding all the possible good words and more about a couple of small tools (Tiny Umbrella and RecBoot) that of course find so many ways of not working on a 64 bit Win 7 pc and even when they work (RecBoot apparently did connect and fix my mobile) they do not really work!!! Trust me, it is not even closed to be fixed!!

So, at the end of the working day I decided to take a break from pc and similar and have dinner.. picked up my eggs and for some reason the package (new!?) was broken, and 2 splashed on the floor……..


Not my day….

Today it’s a new day, second Aikido session, and I’ll pay enrolling fees and month fee (no better deal.. so it is month by month).

Hope it will be a better day!



3 responses

15 11 2012

Hug! 😉


15 11 2012

Thx man..
at least I got practice tonight… and a good sweat for sure!


17 11 2012

Good luck! Shit happens but I’m sure it will be better soon!

Tell us about your training as soon as you can 🙂


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