Miwa Asao retirement

26 12 2012

One of my most clicked topic of the blog, the Japanese beach volley player and model, Asao Miwa, 浅尾美和, has retired from played beach volley!

Asao Miwa, 浅尾美和

Asao Miwa, 浅尾美和

World Tour Kristiansand

Miwa & Take

The news in Japanese has been blogged earlier, and I found out only because a peak of activity on some of my pictures of Miwa!!

I admit they did not ask for using the pictures, but they put all the proper references to me, so I am happy and thank the user of the Japapanese link!

I have stopped following beach volley since I moved from Stavanger, where it was easy and addicting! But I do remember meeting Miwa, getting hers and Take’s autograph on my Japanese dictionary and of enjoying taking pictures not only of them but of the whole Japanese volleyball group.. especially the female part, of course, and a little later, especially Shinako Tanaka!

Thanks to Miwa, I got published in Japan even if the magazine was more interested in the pretty model part than the sport pictures.. like me, maybe 😉

The year after I think the pictures were much better, thanks also to the weather! But by then the interest was again only mine!

Published in Japan Miwa serving

Time to rest then Miwea, and focus on other aspects of your life, as modeling and probably marriage! Good luck – Ganbaru!

Take & Miwa

Take & Miwa




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