Sorry, what do you mean?

26 12 2012

The magic of internet: among my tasks now I am learning to debug, test and fix the hardware of computer systems. After some work on motherboards (mobo) and power supplies (PSU), I am looknig into the best ways to test the rAM, finding some interesting free tools on the net and today I was thinking to setup a station for testing RAM sticks. So I googled: RAM test setup..

..and the most interesting result (logical on a second thought), especially when searching images as I usually do, lead to this:

The neurobiology of sexual partner preferences in rams

..yeah, the picture was interesting, but not exactly what I had in mind.. ever.. but now.. ahhhhhh….

I’m always amazed people studies this.. and I had been “forced” to quit my ph.d. because of not satisfying results.. wrong choices in life apparently!

On a second thought, thank god I did not google “RAM sticks”!!!




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