End of the year

30 12 2012

2012 almost finished but when I have a look at the weather, or when I walk out and look at the sky, and it is so difficult for me to think that it is actually 29th December, winter..

I hear from friends in China that in Hefei it is heavily snowing and the north and East (Shanghai) are extremely cold right now..

Yesterday the weather was like this:

sky from my office
sunny day in the center

..with a temperature in the afternoon over 22C, with peaks at 24C!

I am impressed and terrified at the same time: how will the summer be the summer???

In the meantime, as 潘蕾 showed me, the situation has been like this for a few days.. let’s hope she will be able to catch an event less flight down here tomorrow!

Snow in Hefei



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