2013 predictions

1 01 2013

Starting as the last few years, random order (bold for new 2013 predictions):

  • I will not finish the year in the same place where I started it…
  • some resolution will become true..
  • the world will not be a better place, it won’t be cleaner, it won’t have less wars, it won’t give more profound values to the new generations
  • Italian politics will still suck
  • I will still be fat
  • catholic church will still not recognize unmarried couples, not approve use of condoms for limiting AIDS (only celibacy) and not try to take a step in modern times
  • I will not lose my pessimistic/realistic nature
  • I will meet new interesting people
  • I will not grade to 3.dan this year, but I still believe I’ll do it one day!
  • I will be still disappointed by people expecting too much from them when giving a lot from my side
  • I will be surprised probably by people I do not expect to surprise me
  • I will practice Aikido more 



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