2012 wrap up

4 01 2013

My dear friend Sverre commented that my resolutions did not seem too difficult.. but I am pretty sure I am going to disappointing him!

  • keep my weight under control
  • go to IAF 2012 Aikido meeting in Japan
  • improve my Chinese
  • find a way to practice Aikido in Hefei
  • try to focus my Aikido, clean up the technique and improve the contact
  • take care of the injures/RA
  • travel more in China!
  • visit new Aikido places in China
  • try finally to learn to play a little the guitar (I got one ;-) )
  • one trip to Japan this year as well
  • understand what my next step will be, what I really want..
  • manage to take some modeling pictures (01/04: better I specify, as photographer!! As a model, I could be used only for very sad advertisements, or the before/after diet, being of course the before one!)
  • think less – do more!

Maybe it was true, I tried to go easy on that, but already out of the first 4 none was achieved.. and for the 5th, I did have a chance to work more on Aikido contact. What I achieved or not is completely another matter!

With respect to injures and arthritis it has been a 50% year: I can say I almost did not suffer of any arthritis, nothing serious for sure. On the other hand in Japan I twisted badly an ankle during practice and then twisted it again Shanghai shortly before Irie sensei seminar in Beijing, when I wanted to be at the top condition.

I did traveled more in China and went to new places, in particular Longgang district of Shenzhen, when I took a turn in my Chinese experience and changed job, moving from Hefei to the south. My guitar anyway remained in Hefei and I think I can close that part of my hopes. I will never learn anything, as I have sort of given up about Chinese.

I went to Japan (Nagano mountains and Saku dojo, even if I have written very little about that here and still have to post more pics!).

For sure I did not manage to improve much my photography skills and about the 2 more important ones:

  • understand what my next step will be, what I really want..
  • think less – do more!

..about these 2.. I have some thoughts.. But I can’t say too much now.. I am not so sure I found what I want and still not so sure I know what I want. I think 2013 will help working on this.. or not!

Then let’s see what I did predict for 2012:

  • the world will not end!
  • some resolution will become true.. but not that many!
  • the world will not be a better place, it won’t be cleaner, it won’t have fewer wars, it won’t give more profound values to the new generations
  • Italian politics will still suck
  • my Aikido will not get much worse respect to my level now!
  • catholic church will still not recognize unmarried couples, not approve use of condoms for limiting AIDS (only celibacy) and not try to take a step in modern times
  • I will not lose my pessimistic/realistic nature
  • I’ll be a lazy fat a$$ as I am now also at the end of 2012..
  • I will meet new interesting people
  • I will learn more Chinese ;-)
  • I will not finish the year in the same place/work as I start it
  • I’ll keep being messy in my home, mind, work and life.. and still managing to keep going, not in a such bad way too!
  • I’ll read much much much much more than this just passed year..

Some predictions were on the spot, especially the first one.. since I am still here writing! Yeah, the world did not end, at least not in 2012.. but I am sure that there is some backup plan for that!

Amazing I guessed properly that I was going to move from Hefei.. probably I was hoping to move to Hangzhou, but it never goes as hoped.. at least not for me!

I’m quite happy I did read much more than the previous years. Finally managing to use at best the very good and cheap service of Amazon China.. and I also managed a few good Aikido seminars, but I cannot say too much about my level. The condition now is not too bad, physically and stamina, and the technique is.. work on progress as usual..

About the church, maybe 2012 did not change anything in their view, but the beginning of 2013 has been certainly good with the old German pope abdicating.. let’s see what will happen now.. considering so many possible candidates cut out “thanks” to their sexual tastes..

But remaining to more mundane topics, Italian politics got actually worse (but ok, I am already running to the beginning of 2013 elections, too fresh in my mind.. and that’s cheating since I should have written this post before the elections!) but the world in general could not care less.. maybe Europe a little bit, but we are not a major economic power since.. wow, so many years!

One amazing thing that is a constant you could bet on is my lack of order in any place I live: it could be a 150 sqm apartment in Hefei or a much smaller double room in Longgang, I always find a way to make it chaotic. The move from Hefei would have been impossible without 潘雷 help.

I fear the next move.. who will help me? I will have to get her a ticket to come down here and support me 😉 This is a good excuse right? 😉



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