Kind of late..

13 01 2013

..but I want to wish all of you out there happy new year and assure you I am ok, still alive, still blogging!!

Sara & Mathias wedding

Sara & Mathias wedding

My dear friend Mathias left a nice comment at year change: I want to thank him especially and all the other friends and readers across the globe that have clicked on my blog and spend their precious time reading my stories and words of the past year. Many things happened, I probably did not manage to keep all informed as good as I wanted: I have been slacking off big time, many posts are just started and save as draft, many posts are still jut on my mind..

But I want to promise you that I am not finished with my little aikidude project! As I was not over with Aikido when I moved to a place with no club, but I found my ways to keep practicing.. Now internet has been the harder challenge: very unstable here in the south, and being forced to use the tunnel (proxy) for opening wordpress I suffer even more. Lousy excuse, I know!

I had received new year visit by 潘雷 and together we went to Hong Kong for new year.. soon posting pictures and a few words..

Then the life here goes quite slowly, not yet getting acquainted with the place and not completely with the work.. still looking for my dimension, but some step has been taken forward! Important, as 潘雷 tells me often, is trying to look forward. Decision time was earlier, now it is time to learn about the new life, without thinking too much about Hefei life.. now 1000km farther away!

The main change I want to achieve here is to better use the free time: now I am indeed sleeping a lot, even if the amount of really free time is not much. Working Saturdays is something I am not used and I am struggling with. I got several friends working more and harder than me, but still..

Anyway, the changes have been many, and the weather is just one of them:

Snow in Hefei

Snow in Hefei

sky from my office

sky from my office

Waiting for the summer, the wet and hot real southern weather that will make me certainly suffer, now it is not difficult to enjoy the blue sky, even if I kind of miss the snow.

Said that, sending my greetings to my friends and promises of better activity for this 2013, respect to the drop of the end of last year, I close and wish you all a wonderful 2013!




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14 01 2013

Happy new year to you too! See you in Helsinki in a few weeks! 😉


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