Luxury dinner?!?

20 01 2013

Tonight I had, among other things, half a dozen barbecue oysters of a decently good size. I just had dinner at one of the many restaurants outside the factory. A normally typical Chinese dinner, typical street food I would say.

Beside having taken many pictures I haven’t written much about 烧烤, Shāokǎo, or Chinese BBQ. A common dinner or even better night supper, 宵夜 (Xiāo yè), when getting out of bars or clubs, with friends or not. But not only, just a normal street food you can enjoy of at any time of the day, in any place of China, as many of us, laowai, has enjoyed 😉 I mean, many!

In every place where you have some night activity you can be sure to find, anywhere in China, also some night open food places and almost for sure some BBQ.

In fact most of my super limited Chinese is about food and especially BBQ and hot pot (火锅, huǒ guō) ones!

chinese bbq - oysters and egg plant

oysters and egg plant

chinese bbq - Enokitake

golden needle mushroom

So tonight I had 6 oysters, a wonderful egg plant, 3 “skewers” of special mushrooms called golden needle or enokitake (apparently the Japanese name is used internationally.. and I did not know it!!), 3 of Chinese chives (that I found out the name from the Chinese: 韭菜, Jiǔcài!) and 2 Chinese bread 馒头 (Mántou), that I like almost only in BBQ way (the steamed version, easy to find also in Europe is extremely boring!!). Of course a beer. All of this for… 48RMB, ie about 6 euro. No kidding!!

Pretty sure I’ll miss this when moving from China.. and some of you maybe are checking the price for a ticket for visit, right? Too easy now that I also got Aikido 😉



One response

25 01 2013

happy that you enjoy your shenzhen life, the place has many lati positivi,in top of all the deliziosi frutti tropicali and fresh seafood and also bei posti di mare. Seguo il tuo blog da un po’ di tempo e mi ha fatto molto piacere quando ho letto that you choose to work here, my wife is already in town an i will arrive end of next week. Se ti serve qualche genere di conforto dall’italia fammelo sapere. Have good day, valerio


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