How’s that possible?

29 03 2013

Sitting in Starbucks, as usual when I want to do something “special” here in Longgang, I’m writing this post from a WordPress application on the iPhone… And thus should just be impossible being the blog still blocked in China.

I’m not using a VPN: I wouldn’t know how to do on the iPhone. And I’m on the normal Internet connection from Starbucks.

But I can see the blog, my drafts, published posts and even stats, better than by using the terrible unstable Internet connection from the factory and the tunnel. Amazing!

So, what should I say worth reading? Oh yeah.. I’m moving back to Europe during the summer.

Surprise?!! I was a little when I got myself to this decision. I will write more about this. Especially once left.

It was not an easy decision but I had some thoughts. I don’t regret the experience and I am quite sure I will come back East one day. I do hope to find a job in Europe because this part of the plan is still foggy…

But I don’t want to talk too much now about this. Just happy this seems to work (let’s see if I manage to post) and since the weather lately is very much like rainy Stavanger, except for the temperature, I should try to use this feature more often and do what promise: post again on the blog.

Tomorrow I’ll meet some new people from one social homepage and go to cinema and Sunday I’ll go to Hong Komg for Aikido: 3 hours to go and 3 to come back, 2 hours practice. Yeah what we do for Aikido!! 😉

Have a good weekend, you people not working tomorrow… Not like me…



2 responses

29 03 2013

Welcome back! Hug from Stockholm! 😉


30 03 2013

this is really a surprising news!but I like to have you are you?..anyway, behind the fog, there will be the sun! 🙂 waitin for your news..


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