Long time no see, Shanghai!

3 04 2013

Tomorrow starts the 清明节, Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day festivity, 3 days off form work, at which I add a forth one and take a trip to Shanghai to meet friends I haven’t seen in ages! That mens of course that next week will be a bridge including a working Sunday.. yeah! 😦

On the oither hand, I will manage to catch 2 Aikido sessions, one at Shanghai International Central dojo and the typical first of the month Saturday of special practice at Shanghai Xijiao West Aikido dojo. Resulting not only in good Aikido but also in meeting lots and lots of friends after ages! This will help my mind during the working Sunday!

I miss also the feeling of a big city: going to Hong Kong helps a lot (maybe even too much!! it is really crowded in the streets HK!) and the offer in restaurants and activities there is something I also major miss in Longgang. Even Hefei was better!

Anyway, soon get on my way, and some time after also bye bye Longgang and China..

I’ll miss some as well, not from Longgang though!

Have a good wekeend folks!




2 responses

19 07 2014

Sir, i am a foreign student studying at fudan university. I’ve been living in shanghai for 1 year and I’m getting desperate to study aikido again. Sir, would you kindly give me a recommendation?


21 07 2014

Hei, Chak, if you leave me your email next time (the email is private, does not appear here, i can write you. Otherwise, you find info on the right side of the page, in AIKIDO CHINA field. there are the links to several clubs in Shanghai! just send them an email!
Good luck!


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