Got a cold in Shangai, but not that cold!

9 04 2013

This would not be such a news just thinking that normally here in the south the temperature is between 15 and more than 20 while when we got to Shanghai and spent the night on some benches at Hong Qiao airport the temperature was quite below 10 degrees C.. and a constant draught coming from the elevator shaft not too far..

As companion for the sleepless moments I had the Norwegian version of “Red Dust”, nice book about the travel across China by Ma Jian, 马建, in the early 80s. Book and writer are banned in China for, of course, political reasons!

a night at Hongqiao airport

a night at Hongqiao airport

Unfortunately other news from the area between Shanghai and Anhui province (yes, where there is Hefei and Anqing, 潘雷’s hometown), passing through Hangzhou and Jiangsu province are on a completely different level of gravity: an outbreak of H7N9 flu, also known as avian influenza virus or bird flu virus, has already caused 6 deaths (as for Sunday).

The event is so serious that WHO has created a page for info about the human infection spreading.

Let’s just say that during the weekend we kept ourself far from chicken and similar products.

Today my sniffles and coughing and sore throat are healed already, so I can be sure it was never anything serious, but I had noticed already when I went to Hong Kong to practice Aikido that the usual health control at the border had more “doctors” than usual and they seemed a bit more active around the infrared cameras to check the temperature of the people in transit.. Let’s see this Sunday, when I will cross again the border for more practice!




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