Hakama finally fixed..

24 04 2013

..and then ready to leave!

During the practice holidays in Scandinavia my hakama broke apart, opening (as usual) on the back “plate” side (koshi) and not having anymore Aiki-mama Jacqueline to fix it for me with her magic sewing skills I asked the only colleague that understands some basic English to help me to get someone fixing it. It is quite common to see on the street some old ladies with a tiny stand a nd a sewing machine on doing basic jobs (I mean, basic for them!).

So we went to one, but since I needed the thread to go through the gummy plate, the lady sent us to a shoe repairing shop just close by (if my colleague was not there I would have been stuck already!). There, with a hand propelled sewing machine for hard jobs the lady made me a double seam in the back plate! 10RMB well spent (and I think it was expensive since I am a foreigner, but how to complain!)

fixing my hakama

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Of course, laowai at a local street shop is always source of much attention in China (as anything different from the day by day boring ordinary life). So when I was squatting at the shoe repair shop and helping to move the hakama without taking it completely out of the bag (for not make it dirty, but not only.. it would have been impossible to explain what it was, especially trying to avoid totalk too much about Japan in these days that the island related problems are coming out again!). Anyway, I snatched a picture 1 second after I left the shop and normally htere are not so many children or people around it!! I left, the show was over.. and they were leaving as well 🙂

show is over!



One response

24 04 2013

Hakama repairing, yes, sometimes I wish I had a shoemaker’s sewing machine for koshi-repairs, sewing of jeans material, etc… lost count of how many needles I broke on sewing thick stuff…
Btw: last weekend I sewed another kind of “psdeudo-hakama”, a traditional Norwegian costume for my daughter’s confirmation… will post pictures on FB soon – I’m rather pleased with the result!
(if you’re wondering what I mean with “pseudo-hakama” – see here:
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=393800283042&set=pb.734058042.-2207520000.1366793797.&type=3&theater – and no, I didn’t sew this one… it’s imported from Switzerland)
Hope to see you (throw you) soon!


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