On my way

25 04 2013

Strong sun, more than 25 degrees and soon I’ll put my now heave backpack on my shoulders and head to the metro station. A little more than 1 hour and I’ll be in at Hong Kong border, than 1 more stop and bus to HK airport..

A night at the airport, for a change and a new entry in my airport bench experiences 🙂

Tomorrow Tokyo where I will meet in the night a good friend for a sushi dinner, best way to start this new Japanese experience!

Hombu dojo and Aikido Shinagawa Kouyukai on Saturday for getting 2 sessions with Irie sensei, and then most probably back to Hombu for 2 more sessions (but my conditions is far from top, so I will judge during the day what I can do.. thinking the week in Saku will be demanding as well!).

Sunday I have already scheduled both hombu and Rikuyokai Aikido dojo, where in the latter Endo sensei will be teaching.. and I know at least 1 would be a little envious for this, even if I do know his Sunday is usual Aikido top as well 😉

So, cheers folks, more news soon from a land where neither my blog nor wordpress are banned 🙂




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