New book, new drink, same place

16 05 2013


I can’t actually say “same old place”, because even if I am again enjoying Starbucks drink and a Murakami book in one of my usual places in Hangzhou, it has changed a lot since last time I was here!

I started reading Murakami book about running, maybe to find some inspiration for doing something very healthy that I totally dislike. Or maybe just because I would read an essay about eating crap if it was written by Haruki san!

For a change I’m drinking a frappuccino even if I will take also a double espresso soon, because the weather demands it: continuous heavy rain, probably since a couple of days ago!


Yeah, the place is quite different from.. 6 months ago or so.. I don’t really like it now. They made it more modern looking, more functional (at the table there are a few extra power plugs) but I think it is much colder than before (and I don’t mean the air condition!).

That’s life probably… Everything aims to be practical losing on the way some warm feelings. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

The answer in a couple of hours: practice and it’s about 6 months (last time here) since the last session I taught, with the exception of a class in my home town in Italy.. At least tonight I can speak English: easier!!




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