Recovery from hell

23 05 2013

10 days ago, one morning, when trying to read my email from the laptop, Windows stop loading properly but got stuck on the logo page. After checking and trying I figured out that the hard disk had been suffering a breakdown: even mounted as secondary on a working pc (got plenty, it has been the main part of my job in the past months to fix hardware) I could not “see” it.

Using some hard disk recovery application (HDD Regenerator, from a recovery disk my dad made for me) I could detect tons on bad sectors in the first partitions of the hard disk, probably exactly in the boot sectors.. No tool I tried was able to do more than just tell me the problem, so I resort to take a trip to the famous electronic city here in Shenzhen.

Located in and around 华强北路, North (běi) Huáqiáng street, close to SEG building (Futian district), the Shenzhen electronic market is really the paradise for electronics, both real and of course fake gadgets. Besides the products that when original are more convenient in Hong Kong, the market here offers also a full set of electronics related services, spacing from buying components (capacitors, LED, transistors, transformers, the whole lot!) to repair of any electronic devices, either the full system (PC, printers, etc.) or just parts, like mother boards, power supplies or, in my case, hard disks.. both repair or data recovery.

hard disk data savior

..counting the money well earned and that I was almost happy to pay to recover my data..

For data recovery, here they use some basic tools based on PC-3000, a Russian system able to perform miracles from time to time.. but of not so easy use (manuals are in Russian and Chinese.. we had a previous version at work, but with missing certifies and of course no more any engineer able to use it!).

But the guy at the specialized shop saw at once that the data were recoverable even if it was not possible to repair the hard disk, so I invested in a new shiny external hard disk of 1 Terabyte, and in the extraction/recovery job.. it was not cheap, but at least I could recover several GBytes of pictures I did not have any recent backup!

Next time in Hong Kong I will buy a new laptop hard disk (cheaper and of better quality than here, for sure no fake!) and then recover completely my laptop.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – As said, the electronic city is wonderful for mobile phone copies, as the new Samsung S4 copy a friend purchased (and I will as well soon), but when we checked it out we noticed that the default keyboard had a slighlty little problem: one letter was missing!!! Typical China!!

something's missing!!

something’s missing.. something’s double.. guess what!



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24 05 2013

Interessante la parte del recupero dati


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