Sun umbrella

30 06 2013

As everybody knows, in the asian country the ideal skin tone is the bleak light not tanned color I have and despise!

The typical Northern country skin that when exposed to the sun goes more shrimp like color than else… And burns!

The reason that makes this white skin so desired is simple: traditionally to survive and earn any money it was necessary to spend hard and long hours working outside under strong sun. So brown tanned skin is also representing the working class while the people better off can have a more indoor kind of life, resulting in lighter color skin.

Nowadays, for Asian women a light whiter skin is then beautiful and the best way to keep it this way in summer is by using umbrella against the strong sun.

I have nightmare memories walking (climbing, really) on the overcrowded Great Wall and brushing off the several umbrellas that are a constant danger for your eyes. If you wonder, there are signs here and there telling to not use the umbrellas but in general Chinese are not good following suggestions… 😉

Anyway, these days you can see more and more that not only women are concerned about the light color of their skin:


The funny thing is that most foreigners here in China prefer the darker tanned Asian typical skin tone on women! But they always think we are joking.

I wonder what Western women would like better for Asian men skin tone…



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