8 07 2013

Days of super rain the last couple and as a main result the factory and dorms remained in the dark. No power since Sunday early afternoon and today after checking the main transformer connecting the factory to the main grid line the technician disconnected it completely!!


The thing is that even a not trained eye as me at a first look can see that there is no isolation oil in the glass container on the side of the coils!!

But actually the one outside the factory is in the same condition: if our transformer failed for bad maintenance, what about the communal one?

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY: when you stay more than 24 hours completely out of electricity you realize how strongly you depend on that. Apart from the good candles and lamp at home,for a few things you really need a working electrical plug, so you use the excuse to go to Starbucks and ask for a multiple plug extension to recharge two tablets and two phones and watch some movies and check emails in the meanwhile 😉




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