Flood in Kunming

19 07 2013

So lucky we are: Kunming is experiencing a terrible flood, the very first time ever in this period. So terrible that whole traffic in the city is collapsed. And in so many places the roads are flooded.

So the bus for the airport that we wanted to take at 10am, 25 yuan – one every 20 minutes, got stopped somewhere in the traffic. No other bus appeared until 11:30… Do they have only one??? At that point there were maybe 150 people waiting.

The usual pirate taxis were asking prices ranging from 50 to 100 per person and there were also few of them. A normal car was stuffing inside 6-7 people; I saw maybe 15 people getting inside one minivan and one guy sitting in the trunk of another car.

For this Panlei and I were “lucky”: we paid 75 yuan each but we were only 3 people plus the driver on the car.

Actually at the airport there are almost no delays and no cancellations until now because the rain was focused on the center if the city. Over here it is almost sunny!

Anyway later I’ll travel Beijing for starting the Dominique Rascle sensei China tour 2013 and the past days I have been exploring Lijiang and that area. Got more to post and pics to show but Internet was a luxury we did it have much over here. I hope in Beijing!






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