Color Run in Beijing

13 08 2013

This is the reason we came back to Beijing after the two weeks of Aikido and the trip to Qingdao: The Color Run.

First time in China for The Color Run – 彩色奔跑 event after a few happenings in USA of course!

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

More than 13 thousand happy people met at Expo Garden Park in Beijing for 5 km running, walking, crawling, jumping or whatever you wanted in a nice park area. Every km a color station where people were throwing food coloring powder to you:

And at the end at the finish line a nice super party with live dj and more color throwing and happy people enjoying.

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑
The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

After 潘蕾 told me about the event I sent the info to several friends but no one joined us (and only one had an injury as good excuse). Little sad people is afraid to get dirty… Worse for them!

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑 The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

It was a long day but well shared with several people traveling on the same subways to and from the event. And super funny seeing the faces of the “normal” people, especially when we were coming back in the evening wearing some plastic ponchos in order to avoid to spread the colors to them!! Or just scare the heck out of them since at that point I looked like this:

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

I’d love it to do it again with some Aikido friends and wearing a keikogi!!!!



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14 08 2013

are you thinking about Aiki pink?


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