Bye bye Hong Kong…

1 09 2013

Subtitle: Bye bye my 2 bokken with saya as well 😦

Also these couple of days in Hong Kong have passed, extreme fast.

Funny how the human mind works. Friday afternoon, sitting in a small restaurant in a HK shopping center I suddenly realized the China part of my life was over, at least for now.

The funny feeling was that I felt nothing special preparing the luggages, sending boxes to Italy, cleaning the room, getting up early and leaving Longgang, coming to Hong Kong for these last few days…

…until in this restaurant I start reading some friend’s comments on the blog or Facebook.. and then it all came to me.. together with the weight of another change of my life, wherever direction it will take.

And I start already missing the friends I made these past years in China. Knowing how difficult it is to keep contacts over long distances I wonder how many ties will break and how many won’t.

It was nice though to meet again the people in Doyukai Aikido dojo in HK: I had to promise them that I was really leaving, even if they had already givens a nice Aikido farewell just two weeks before.

Also this time I received a surprise by Nagai sensei: he ask me to show one technique to the whole class and the practice that technique all together. Since we we working on yokomenuchi and we had already done forms for the two basic entrance (irimi-tenkan and out of the line early entrance) I proposed something different, the favorite Dominique sensei yokomenuchi “control”. His way is avoiding the attack without moving from the attacked position (except move slightly back the upper body to avoid to be hit) and controlling the attacking arm (as beginner, taking physically contact but not blocking uke’s arm, then relaxing your own arm so that the attack pass in front – advanced people would not seek the contact in the movement).

Then on this different way to receive yokomenuchi attack, I presented also the form of iriminage that Dominique sensei practice in the summer. A form more similar to Irie sensei Aikido, controlling uke in two points (shoulder and arm) and sort of guiding him in the throw. The control of the arm happens with the open hand with palm upwards placed over uke’s elbow and using the wrist and hips to create an absorbing movement to “call” uke forward, not stopping then the intention and keeping the dynamic.

It was nice to show a technique at Doyukai dojo and I saw on the mats that everybody tried to perform what I showed.

Nice feelings as usual!



In a few hours my flight will depart. It’s really close now the time of the last farewell.

See you soon Asia!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – This tag was born when I arrived in China and probably this is the last time I use it, except for the post I still have to write about things happened in China. The funny (sad) thing today is that my bokkens haven’t been considered sport equipment by KLM. On their homepage, in addition to the tie heavy luggages I am traveling with (20 kg backpack and 24 kg trolley) I could have registered golf, fish or ski equipment for free! Since my bokkens in the homemade packaging are something else I went with them to the city check in (in HK you can check in your luggage in the center many hours before departure). But there they told me that since it isn’t any common sport equipment, it is consider as 3rd luggage, so I would have had to pay 200 US dollars!! For 2 bokkens and sayas??? No #%^*ing way!! So my dear friend Peter is going to baby sit my bokkens until my next trip to HK!!!



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