Business weekly sabbat

9 09 2013

Subtitle: Definitively I’m not in China anymore!!

I had almost forgotten something normal in Italy, less abroad in Europe and completely out of the world in China: the weekly day off!! Still common even in this period of economic crisis, more than just a day off it is not inappropriate to consider it a real sabbat, a festivity!


I remembered it right now when I planned to have a nice Italian ice cream while collecting the washed and ironed suit, readied up for my job interview on Thursday!

Of course the most common closing time is Monday or Monday afternoon… at least not of the laundry!!

No ice cream for me ;(

In China, the only day I saw most (but not all) shops closed was Chinese New Year day! Otherwise taking a day off is completely crazy over there!!

It’s another world for business! A place where Sunday is like a Wednesday and it takes soem time to get use of it but, trust me, I do miss that already!

Tokyo 2020

9 09 2013

Congratulations! Omedetou!!

Tokyo Olympics 2020

A great occasion to visit another special event after Beijing 2008 and meet several friends and do Aikido in a very special environment..

Only catch, it is going to be difficult and expensive to get accommodation.. time to bribe some of the friends in Tokyo!!