Milano Linate 9/11

11 09 2013

On my way to the Netherlands for tomorrow job interview.. And again a night on an airport bench, this time Milano Linate… If the airport won’t close if course!!

Tonight, another 9/11, it is definitively the wrong night to forget a bag in the departure floor at Milan airport of Linate!!!


Somebody saw the bag with some stuff inside, just left there close to a check in area. The air personnel informed called the police…. That after a good 20 minutes has not arrived yet!!

Maybe to decrease the casualties in case of explosion…. Maybe (more probable) to finish the sandwich watching the favorite TV show!!

Once got here they just took it and threw it away I’m the common garbage bin… Not even recycling!

At the end also Linate airport was open during the night but it has been one of the worst experiences so far: only metal seats with fixed metal armrest. Impossible to sleep: