2013 of words

8 02 2014

Never too late for some wrap ups, and after using a lot Amazon China I then moved back to Europe and enjoyed Utrecht library (given the super expensive membership fee of 50 €/year I have to read a lot!!):

  • Stephen King – The Dark Tower, Book6: The Song of Susannah
  • Stephen King – The Dark Tower, Book7: The Dark Tower
  • Frank Schätzing – The Swarm (2nd time, the 1st was in 2007, bought at Værnes, Trondheim Airport, on the way back to Oslo after some Aikido seminar up there.. home.. ah, good memories!)
  • Stephen King – Salem’s Lot (2nd time, 1st time in English!)
  • Dan Brown – Deception Point
  • Stephen King – The Stand (2nd time, 1st time in English as well!)
  • Bernard Minier – Il Demone Bianco (Glace) – during my about 2 months in Italy

..and then I moved to the Nethrlands and enrolled in Utrecht library (since 11/2013):

  • Michael Crichton – Timeline
  • Patrick Seth – Reviver
  • Ray Hammond – Extinction
  • Jeffery Deaver – The Burning Wire
  • Warren Fahy – Fragment
  • John WyndhamThe Chrysalids



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