Perfect gear ratio!!!

30 04 2014

I love my bike!!

For Dutch flat roads it has the perfect gear (mono gear, of course): I can almost all the time keep pedalling at a constant speed without feeling I am forcing or pushing nothing..

I think also it is the best way to keep the body active:tonight, first time in ages, after practice and the bike tour home I weigh less than 82 kg!! OK, I still had not eaten dinner, but, trust me, it is a great achievement!

Of course my body is not one that can compete with young boys for girl’s attentions.. but I set myself a goal that just a few months (years) ago was utopia: 78 kg.

Just keep in mind that I came back from China in September extra fat and than in Italy during October I reached about 89 kg!!! (I do not want to say 90 kg, but I was there.. the scale index touching the number!!).

Good to have a goal and remembering once upon a time I was not that fat 🙂

once upon a time...

which one am I?

Dutch King’s day

28 04 2014

Super Saturday party for celebrating King’s day, that in the best Dutch tradition allows people to decide when to call it over: you can go on all the night, or get home relatively early in the night (11-ish pm) after eating, drinking, smiling enough!!!

King's day 2014 King's day 2014
King's day 2014 King's day 2014

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Ready for Dutch party day

25 04 2014

Oh yeah!!!


I got nice hands right? 😉

Good morning Utrecht!

24 04 2014

Good morning world!!


Morning bike tour

22 04 2014

I thought I was late this morning for catching the bus at 7:38 at the spot I planned to reach by bike but even leaving home around 7:05 I managed to take the 7:22 bus!! That actually came earlier!!

It was good to test the road yesterday (when I made a couple of mistakes per way!) and this morning all went smooth…


Easter bbq in Amsterdam

21 04 2014

Changing my plans, or better, without any plan for Easter weekend and nobody to visit in Germany I decided to enjoy the good weather in Amsterdam and the company of colleagues that know the best spots over there.

Saturday it has been more about drinking good beer, enjoying easy food and the wonderful sun (even my face got reddish!).

Easter weekend in Amsterdam

a refreshing beer at Cafe’ Bukowski

Easter weekend in Amsterdam

800gr fried fish with Maurizio

Wonderful to discover so many amazing spots in Amsterdam, thanks to Maurizio:

Easter weekend in Amsterdam Easter weekend in Amsterdam Easter weekend in Amsterdam

I also bought my first bike since in Holland (and since quite some time!!) and then Sunday got back in Amsterdam for a long time planned bbq with colleagues: the weather was still great even if more windy than Saturday. That did not stop us, thanks especially to some neighbour Polish “barbequers” that were much better prepared and professional than us! They helped us to get the little one time use bbq going (like Norway yeah!! Brilliant idea always!), keep it going and they even gave some amazing Polish sausage and spare ribs!

All in all great food, friends and very relaxing day.. good for me and my mind!

Easter weekend in Amsterdam Easter weekend in Amsterdam
Easter weekend in Amsterdam Easter weekend in Amsterdam

Easter weekend in Amsterdam

…there is still so much sky to explore and I have not finished flying.. alone or not..

My new baby

21 04 2014

…for not feeling lonely in the cold stormy nights…..

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