Dublin off the mats

12 04 2014

I will stay in Dublin about 3.5 days all together, of which 3 for Aikido practice with my favorite teacher, Irie sensei. I will not have much time off the mats for exploring Dublin, and in truth, I could only wish to have less time and practice more with sensei, since it was too long since last time (Japan, June 2013) and long way to next time (Indonesia, October 2014).

But here and there I will capture some glimpses of this nice city that I hope I will manage to visit again and explore more!

This is just a first taste…




Flying to Dublin

12 04 2014

(That was of course yesterday!!)
Leaving behind Dutch coast:


And then English coast:


I finally got to the green Irish land:


With a so typical sky (or at least what I would expect, first time here):


And the plane parked with all it’s. “little” green friends: