Perfect gear ratio!!!

30 04 2014

I love my bike!!

For Dutch flat roads it has the perfect gear (mono gear, of course): I can almost all the time keep pedalling at a constant speed without feeling I am forcing or pushing nothing..

I think also it is the best way to keep the body active:tonight, first time in ages, after practice and the bike tour home I weigh less than 82 kg!! OK, I still had not eaten dinner, but, trust me, it is a great achievement!

Of course my body is not one that can compete with young boys for girl’s attentions.. but I set myself a goal that just a few months (years) ago was utopia: 78 kg.

Just keep in mind that I came back from China in September extra fat and than in Italy during October I reached about 89 kg!!! (I do not want to say 90 kg, but I was there.. the scale index touching the number!!).

Good to have a goal and remembering once upon a time I was not that fat 🙂

once upon a time...

which one am I?