Bring the alcohol back!!

31 05 2014

After seeing people drinking it in more than one occasion I have decided to try the “famous” Vita-malz, alcohol free malt beer.


Why?? Why??? why on earth was I so foolish?

Utterly disgusting taste! I’m going to sort of finish it just because I paid for it (at a kiosk, not in a bar!!).

Supposed to be healthy?? Bleah!! Give me the alcohol please!!

Where’s China??

27 05 2014

Apparently, these days, you can see some of the big cities only behind a thick curtain of smog!!! 20140527-124248.jpg Got this from a good friend in Shanghai and then I have been told that Beijing is in an even worse condition! And I still got some of these memories from those 2 cities:

blue sky in Beijing

Qing Ming jie in Shanghai

Shanghai sky

Philippine’s Aikido beauty & brain

27 05 2014

Why would a brilliant astrophysicist leave her promising career in the US to come back to ‘Pinas? Reina Reyes, one of this year’s Fun Fearless Awardees, will inspire you to give back. Get to know her on p. 162 of the May issue featuring Angel Locsin on the cover.

Aikidoka Reina Reyes on Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine May Edition

And, apparently, among her qualities, she is also practicing Aikido in the Philippines!

I was boarding the wrong flight!!

25 05 2014

First time in my life!! I did not notice the two flights to Amsterdam so close in time !!

Of course the machine did not recognized my ticket!



Right one:


Lucky mine was later, unlucky I almost ran a very long distance in this huge airport of Frankfurt. And it’s warm today… and feeling a bit the good practice of the weekend!!

Now it should be ok and I hope the people taking care if the luggage were more awake than me!!!

525 – love yourself

25 05 2014

I have decided this is my day, not 520 or 521, Chinese funny traditions that I liked as lots of other Chinese stuff. But this year I got no one that would accept love from me so those two days were useless. Or worse! Since as people always tell me, I do think too much.

So I decided that my day is, “paraphrasing” the Chinese, 525: wu er wu – wo ai wo, ie. I love myself. Not in that way, you yellow mind!!!

A day though to dedicate to yourself, and try to do something special for you, even if you are in a place you don’t like or doing a job you hate, or you cannot be with the person you miss and want the most.. try to find something good to enjoy, something that can make your day a little more positive than it would otherwise be.

It can be as easy and simple as enjoying a good sunset from your window:

Sky in Utrecht

I am traveling today from Norway back to the Netherlands after a good seminar with Roberto Martucci sensei in Stavanger. For tonight I decided just to fix myself a good dinner at home, maybe get a pizza and a couple of beers and from now to celebrate this day, but try to not forget my own value in every day life!

And do not set this value in reference to other people or to other people feelings. From my personal experience, you end up hurt! Just value yourself! I forget this quite often! When there are many other things I should forget..

Hello Stavanger, I’m back..

23 05 2014

…even if only briefly!

This weekend I am back for the Aikido seminar with Roberto Martucci, 6.dan, at Jushinkan new dojo.

I left Stavanger April 1st, 2010, directed to China, after 4 years there and lots of life experiences on the work, friend, Aikido, love sides:

4 years ago in Stavanger...

Now I will be back, a little more than 4 years after, for one short weekend dedicated (almost) entirely to Aikido. With the flight I could get there will not be time for anything else..

Funny that I will travel through Frankfurt airport: in the past months I have been quite a few times in Frankfurt, but it is ages I do not pass by the airport!! Hope in no delays (today and Sunday), that the Germans will be… Germans!!


22 05 2014

Should you not be sleeping? Asked a friend from Shanghai…

Yeah I should but lots of thoughts are keeping me awake…

Anyway my head will drop soon: not so much space in my little brain 🙂

A friend suggested lavender oil: calms your nerve system. The simplest way, she says, is to have one drop of it on a napkin and put it next to your pillow.

The simplest way, I think, is putting one drop on a pretty girl and use her as my pillow 😛