Aikido elbow and Chinese remedies

4 05 2014

Really nice session with Tissier sensei in Amsterdam yesterday… until the one before the last technique! A long shomenuchi nikyo ura practice with a very good and advanced partner brought some stress to my right elbow.

Lately, the past month, I have been suffering pain in my lower back. It might have been related to Aikido practice, start cycling again, sleeping on too soft bed but it did not pass when I was sleeping on the floor when my guests were here. It might also be related to some stress for the several thoughts in my head.

For that I use several of my Chinese remedies, even if risky since I don’t plan to visit China any time soon and my stock is decreasing fast.

Chinese remedies

The pain that started yesterday intensified during the night and I woke up this morning almost unable to straighten my arm, spread completely the fingers and lift anything with my right hand. Equivalent of tennis elbow symptoms. Aikido elbow for me, since I have never held a tennis racket in my life.

I must be careful for next weekend seminar in Trondheim with Jorma and then to keep all injures at bay.. Someone used to say I am always injured, no matter what I do or not.. 🙂

I just hope it is not my rheumatoid arthritis showing up again after a long break, especially since I got no more the Chinese-Tibet pills that did me very good in my dark days of pain in Hefei.

Is all of this a call back to Asia? 🙂



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