Korn live in Eindhoven!

8 05 2014

I start knowing and enjoying very much KoЯn when I was working in Stavanger, especially in the workshop when we used to play very loud music..

In the workshop HDR dusavik

Good times..

Last weekend I had finally a chance to enjoy KoЯn live in Eindhoven at Klokgebouw, also my first concert since my arrival in the Netherlands.

The last support band before the big guns was Hacktivist and it was a cool warming up!

Hacktivist @ Eindhoven

..and better looking video:

Then the show continued with about 2 very powerful hours of KoЯn, that I enjoyed a lot, especially for the old songs. A pity my old iPhone betrayed me in one of the strong points I always super appreciated: the video recording! In fact I took several videos where the audio suddenly disappeared half way through..

Korn @ Eindhoven Korn @ Eindhoven

A pity losing especially the.. old songs!! Maybe it is not good for an old 3Gs to record while the person holding it jumps also up and down on the concert floor!!!

The following is one of the few acceptable videos..

Luckily more people had better results in recording this live!

I certainly missed my long hairs!!!!



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