17 05 2014

Long time I don’t find something funny worth mentioning.

This goes in the category of funny if you don’t wear my shoes.

Veronica is the name of both a radio station and a tv channel here in the Netherlands.

At work we usually listen to that radio station because it has the least repetitive selection and also good quality/mix of genres.

At home I often watch the tv channel since it has a very good ofer of action movies and tv-series.

My typical luck is that Veronika is also the chosen German name of my ex, who recently kicked me out of her life since she now is seeking something new and more exciting…

Apparently, at work, at home, I am chased by Veronicas….. Wrong ones?? 😉

Shitty day to spend alone!

17 05 2014

After a morning spent to watch a colleague practicing kempo at a seminar with an American 7.dan teacher, I decided to start enjoying the amazing weather… and went to a quite famous park herein Utrecht


Alone surrounded by people. Missing someone but I have to get used and at least the landscape around is not bad at all!

And I got food and an amazing book:


Gratulerer Norge & Karsten!!

17 05 2014

17. May: Norwegian national day and birthday of my best and oldest Norwegian friend, Karsten!!

Many many many many happy wishes!!!