Sushi & shopping

20 05 2014

After some thinking if going for sushi buffet or not at Sumo restaurant, knowing I would have eaten too much and then felt sorry for myself, I accepted the inevitability of the final outcome of this decision, and went to the buffet! It is a very good offer for lunch, especially since it is valid also on Sundays and other festivities! The offer include several kind of Japanese food not only sushi or raw fish, but also noodles, tempura and other cooked delicacies!

Lunch buffet @ Sumo Lunch buffet @ Sumo
Lunch buffet @ Sumo Lunch buffet @ Sumo

The first time I went there I was puzzled by the method of ordering: it is not a really buffet but a person can order 5 dishes up to a maximum of 6 times. I thought it was a catch.. Now after a few times there, I see I never manage to eat more than 4 rounds!! I wonder if 潘蕾 could have done better, since she was really a great partner for buffet experiences, but I will never know! The best choice is the maki sushi, 3 bits at the time, with a great offer.. Delicious!!

Lunch buffet @ Sumo Lunch buffet @ Sumo
Lunch buffet @ Sumo Lunch buffet @ Sumo

Then with a full belly, I took first a tour to the library to deliver back one book and take a couple more and after this I went to buy 2 very useful things, in the close future: shopping ..shorts, very much needed as I experienced the day before in Wilhelminapark, and a hair trimmer machine, to be used very soon.. and see if I manage to chose a proper length, or end up again with a shaved head: i had been like that.........



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