Where’s China??

27 05 2014

Apparently, these days, you can see some of the big cities only behind a thick curtain of smog!!! 20140527-124248.jpg Got this from a good friend in Shanghai and then I have been told that Beijing is in an even worse condition! And I still got some of these memories from those 2 cities:

blue sky in Beijing

Qing Ming jie in Shanghai

Shanghai sky

Philippine’s Aikido beauty & brain

27 05 2014

Why would a brilliant astrophysicist leave her promising career in the US to come back to ‘Pinas? Reina Reyes, one of this year’s Fun Fearless Awardees, will inspire you to give back. Get to know her on p. 162 of the May issue featuring Angel Locsin on the cover.

Aikidoka Reina Reyes on Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine May Edition

And, apparently, among her qualities, she is also practicing Aikido in the Philippines!