Gay Parade in Amsterdam

5 08 2014

An extremely cool parade on Amsterdam canals, a party for both straight and not! A day of smiles, colors, fun and love!

Gay Parade 2014 Gay Parade 2014

First time attending the Gay Parade in Amsterdam last Saturday and it was a very good experience, at least the part I remember, before the devilish alcoholic mix kicked in and then my memories became foggy.. and I preferred to not look at the pictures taken by my friends 😉

Also I fell asleep on the train back to Utrecht and.. I woke just before Eindhoven!! A 30 minutes trip became 1.5 hours long!!

The parade opened with a very touching moment: a boat dedicated to the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 taken down over Ukraine.

Then the great and colorful party started, taking the emotions created by the first boat and emphasizing everything in the vitality of the participants! Both on the boats and just watching, both straight and homosexuals!

Gay Parade 2014 Gay Parade 2014
Gay Parade 2014 Gay Parade 2014

And closing, a picture that I noticed how good it was only when I edited at home.. I think it gives an idea of the very colorful day:

Gay Parade 2014

More pictures are available on my flickr!



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