Kuribayashi sensei in Oslo

30 10 2014

Tonight I will fly to Oslo for a very exciting first time seminar of Kuribayashi sensei in Oslo, as official hombu dojo organized meeting.

I am extremely happy to meet this sensei in Europe for the first time: until now I had occasion to practice with him only at hombu dojo in Tokyo. He visits already other countries in Europe, but mainly in Russia or East Europe, places I would love to visit but not always convenient to reach (even if cost-wise, much more convenient than Norway..).

It is also a great chance to meet again many Norwegian Aikido friends (I don’t think there will be enough time to meet the non-Aikido friends!).

Thanks to a lucky coincidence I also avoid spending another night on Gardemoen floor, even if I had already prepared myself mentally 😉 but I am getting too old for this, especially for a three days seminar that might be quite demanding. There will be several very good Aikidokas on the mats and even if after I came back from Indonesia for some reasons the elbows are again painful. Funny enough for 5 days tough practice in Indonesia at over 30 degrees C I had zero troubles.. once back in the Netherlands, dang, painful again.. it must be a psychosomatic problem!! 🙂

I certainly want to push myself in this seminar as well I did in Indonesia with Irie sensei, and I will do again soon in Russia (Moscow) again with Irie sensei, for a great end of the year!

But first things first.. a long awaited seminar with Kuribayashi sensei now in Oslo!



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