The colors of Oslo

31 10 2014

After an interesting session at Tenshinkan Aikido dojo this early morning I got plenty of time to kill before going at the Kuribayashi sensei seminar site for helping with the mats.

So I went for some walks and some tram trips using up my day card for public transport and not letting the crappy rainy weather confining me in a cafe…. At least not until now!!!



It was good walking around places I knew pretty well in the far past and seeing the street art is still a strong ingredient of the area. Even if some changes are maybe forced upon the artistic (anarchist) minds.



Oslo has so much to offer about street art. Since I got here, yesterday as in the summer, I felt strong feelings again for this city.


And nature colors, in this rainy autumn day (already the end of autumn for many trees), reminded me also of too many gorgeous landscapes admired in my years in Norway. And as usual I took a walk in Vigeland park.



Not a street artist for sure but a world respected artist.


Soon the real winter will be here and the colors will become a blended white but when the sun will shine all man-made colors will even stronger respect to the white foreground. And Vigeland park on a winter Sunday afternoon, with snow covered paths and statues is a treat!

For now, the colors of passage reign….





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