Jogging and why I love China so much!

26 11 2014

I finally started jogging in the evenings since body and mind need a workout. I deeply hate running but I am also aware it’s the best way to take down and keep down the weight… and also manage to do something where I cannot think too much about something.. else! I am not a professional runner that can get lost in thoughts, I try to get deep with the music.

And I must thank my Chinese colleague for having introduced me to Duomi, an amazing app for music on the phone. You cannot export outside the phone, but what you manage to find there is fantastic.


Among the last surprises there have been lots of old and new songs by Marlene Kuntz (ITA version), an Italian band that has marked my ’90s. Lots of memories. And energy! Definitively good when I (have to) run..

All these kind of apps are common in China: here you always get the feeling you are doing something illegal and in Germany even they try to fine you when using Popcorn-Time. What a country! Leader in economy and so scared to lose some money here and there for “rights” that are not really rights.. or should not be anymore in the modern Internet society!

But then, jogging around in the night, I often get lost.. and get tired.. Especially in maze of pretty similar street around the area where I live. In the night they managed to confuse me more than once. So I focus in two other apps that, also in China, have been more than once a blessing:


Google Maps


the Compass

Google was not too important in China since I did not have internet on the phone. But the compass app saved me more than once, and still does!!

And a Marlene Kuntz bonus, one that I love!



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