Pictures from Kuribayashi sensei seminar!

2 12 2014

Oslo Aikido club published a short report linked to some of the pictures taken during the seminar.

group picture

I am very happy that for once there are also pictures of me with sensei, not the after practice ones that I do not take anymore (more important for people from their own dojos, a sort of good advertisement).

Long time no see pictures of me in “action” with a sensei:

being uke to sensei being uke to sensei

Not that this is the first time, but it is the first time I actually find pictures of!

It is not strictly a rarity taking ukemi for a teacher, but almost! Especially with well known teachers in seminars not organized by the dojo where I practice, so it means 99% of the times!!

I have no pictures as uke for Endo sensei or Irie sensei, probably the teachers I consider more important for me. I then prefer to take my little back space in the group picture and get my souvenir signature on, nowadays, one NAF Aiki-pass (my yudansha pass is finished, even if I have dedicated it only for instructors 6.dan up).

I do not think as personal achievement to be up there, with sensei, in front of everybody (I am usually nervous in that role, even knowing my level, probably because I know what I should be able to do and I miss my target often!). But when sensei performs on you the technique is always the highlight of the seminar, when, opening eyes-ears-heart-mind, you can feel the proper way. And it does not happen that often to me.

rei practice

So I value every little chance I can get and I admit I am happy to see the pictures (even if most times I think: “oh god, I look so bad, my position, my face, my belly.. oh god!!” 😦 ).

I hope to be put in that position again though 🙂



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