2014 wrap up

9 01 2015

After failing to achieve the easiest resolutions, last year I had decided to keep it very easy & short for 2014:

2014 Resolutions:

  • learn something new
  • get passionate again about something (..else than Aikido, reading, taking pictures and travelling)

2014 Prediction:

  • if I do not achieve both those resolutions I will go nuts!!!

..and right now I wonder if I have gone nuts!

Of course, the main question is how nuts I was already at the starting point (01/01/2014)? So, respect to that, am I more or equally nuts? I do believe I am just a little more nuts because the year brought the expected but anyway painful break-up from a person that has been my special one for more than 3 years. Actually she did broke up with me twice in few months, changed her mind, got back, and then just be sure, tried other “possibilities” before the final cut of the relationship.. better safe than sorry, they say, right?

I have definitively learnt (re-learnt) something “new” (almost forgotten): the pain at being betrayed, more than just being left by a girl.

Together with this, during 2014 I have certainly learnt a lot work related stuff: medical devices in general, service and internal audit procedure of compliance to medical ISO. Interesting or not, it is all good for the CV! 🙂

The second point is maybe more difficult: I have to think deeply. I certainly enjoyed Bali and Indonesia, the new people met there and the people I already knew, but this actually includes all the stuff in the “else than” part!

When I wrote that I had music in mind and my eternal struggle to learn to play guitar: an instrument I always loved, also an effective way to catch interest and attentions from girls around (probably actually even related to my broken relationship..). Anyway, nothing happened there. I still do not have a guitar and the few times I thought about it, I was sent back to reality by many other thoughts about my living and working situations.

In a way I got passionate about as metal band, Slipknot (several of the video posted with lyrics are by them) and I had even planned to go to a concert, but I have been cheated when I tried to buy the tickets (losing 200 euro to some big mofo that I could only wish to put my hands on…).

I might concede I got passionate about rejections: not only rejected by girls, I have also been “rejected” by the Aikido club where I practiced about 1 year in Utrecht. Different directions that I did not manage to make converge. It actually applies to both girls and Aikido misshapen.

I did not specify to be passionate about something positive, constructive for my life 😉 but I will, for this year resolutions!



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