Start of the new year

16 01 2015

In these first two weeks I have done a few things:

  1. got stood up by 3 (!) girls for first “dates”/meetings: both had reasonably good reasons (acceptable good excuses); the record was having 3 first dates though.. and the record as well to get both cancelled/postponed (?) in no time!
  2. went to my first Aikido seminar in Bremen with the Aiki-wizard Jorma Lyly sensei
  3. finished my first book: present of a colleague, and extremely funny book titled  “Gods Behaving Bad” by Marie Phillips. Funny seeing now they made a movie of it.. cool!
  4. defrost the fridge!!
  5. collected the repaired laptop and start using more actively the second hand iPad I bought myself for Christmas!

One thing postponed still for next week: shave and cut hairs!



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