2014 of words

20 01 2015

A not bad English section in Utrecht library was what I needed for my various trips (the 1 hour or so bus to and from work as a start):

  • Robin Blake – A Dark Anatomy
  • John Wyndham – The Day of the Triffids
  • Brian W. Aldiss – Super State: A Novel of a Future Europe
  • Chuck Palahniuk – Damned
  • Mark Peterson – A Place of Blood and Bone
  • John Wyndham – Plan for Chaos
  • David Moody – Autums
  • Alastair Reynolds – Terminal World
  • Stephen King – Duma Key
  • Gary R. Hammond – The Cloud
  • Yukio MishimaForbidden Colours
  • Frank Devlin – Love in All the Wrong Places
  • Alastair Reynolds – The Prefect
  • Alan Dunn – Ice Cold
  • Alastair Reynolds – Galactic North
  • Richard Matheson – A Stir of Echoes
  • John J. Niven – The Second Coming
  • Chuck Palahniuk – Tell All
  • Joe Haldeman – The Accidental Time Machine
  • Gao Xingjian – Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather
  • Xinran (Xuē Xīnrán) – Sky Burial
  • Various – The many faces of Van Helsing
  • Rachel Tresize – Sixteen Shades of Crazy
  • Justin Richards – The Death Collector
  • Harry Harrison – Make Room! Make Room!
  • Stephen King – Doctor Sleep

For the first time I have emphasized a couple of books worth extra mention..



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