Seagalize yourself!

26 02 2015

The other day I walked past the window of a book shop in Utrecht and suddenly got to a frozen stop, traced back my steps and stared at the window, with an unbelievable look into my eyes.. Did I see correctly? Yes I did:

Seagalogy... nightmare!!

I did not dream a book called Seagalogy, but then when I noticed the title I understood it was not a commemorative biography to the achievements of this great actor, martial artist, stuntman and performer.. but still seems to be a deep work in his “artistic” life.

I want still to think about his nice Aikido past, when he was at the beginning of his martial art life, and he had the chance to practice with good sensei of that time, but then he is a great example how money and fame can make people deviate from a given road and join others. Maybe I am biased, but I feel always a little sad when people say they joined Aikido because of Steven Seagal..

But, as said, there was lots of good stuff when he still was an Aikidoka!

Now I think he has start his own fight to catch up with Chuck Norris notoriety! Especially in the facts category (click for a real laugh)!!




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7 04 2015

Nice post and sharing of the book. Im hoping I can find it in Singapore. My first exposure to Aikido was through Steven Seagal and thankfully I am able to sustain my interest which has developed into a passion for me : )

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7 04 2015

It is nice and hopefully the Steven Seagal that inspired you was the very first one, the one that was mostly known as Take sensei!


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