Jonathan Trigell: wow!

19 03 2015

A few times in my reading experience I have liked so much a novel from an unknown (to me) author to the point to get back to the library and look for other books by him. Recently it happened for two science fiction writers, John Wyndham and Alastair Reynolds, but the genre makes it not surprising at all, since I have always been a passionate SF reader.

In the past, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami and Chuck Palahniuk have been the source of several hours spent devouring their books, but I had either being introduced to them by friends or movies. “Carrie” introduced me to King, and then Biella’s library, my hometown, when I was quite young, became the source of his works. For Palahniuk, it was in Norway, and I got curious after loving Fight Club, the movie and then the book. Murakami was on the other hand introduced by a good friend that lent me her copy of “Norwegian Wood”, and then I was just captured (to the point of having bought, borrowed, read everything translated in English except his very last book, “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage”, on my wish list!).

And then about one month ago at the library here in Utrecht I took “Genus”, third book by Jonathan Trigell. I did not start reading it at once, since I always take more than one book, and in addiction right now I am facing a huge challenge (1000+ pages) with “Infinite Jest“, book I face in small steps at the time (I got a copy in Italian and it i extra tough! One day I will try ot read it in English.. glorious book!). But then when I started Genus, I just.. finished it! And today I went to the library where I found both “Boy A” and “Cham” that I am pretty sure I will finish quite fast.

Funny to see that Wyndham, Reynolds and Trigell are all British authors: I must keep an open eye to this “school”. Certainly the style is really captivating. Trigell descriptive skills are really impressive. The story was good: I like the authors that build a parallel close future world without giving too many extra information than what strictly necessary for the book itself. It is not difficult also to imagine his book(s, probably) becoming movies: the events are vivid in his words. Very little distance from a script!

I think for this trip to Vienna this coming weekend (Shimizu sensei Aikido seminar) I will take with me “Boy A” and hit the book that made Trigell famous.. let’s see his work closer!



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